Expense Claims

Expense Claims Management

Expense Claims

The easy-to-use HRPro Expense Claims management system, allows employees to submit claims, and for approvers to approve and track company expenses in a matter of minutes. Approvers are automatically notified of submitted claims and can approve or reject expense claims at the click of a button. 

If Expense Claims is integrated with the payroll module, reimbursements can be done via payroll automatically without additional payroll processing headaches. 

Key Features


易於使用的HRPro支出報銷系統允許員工提交支出報銷,並允許審批人在幾分鐘內批准和追蹤公司的支出。 審批人會自動收到提交的支出報銷,並可以通過點擊按鈕批准或拒絕支出報銷。



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