HRPro Analytics makes use of the valuable human resources data stored in HRPro for the organization to make better decisions about its workforce and improve operational performance. 

HRPro Analytics allows human resources to interpret data, recognize trends or issues, and take proactive steps with different departments to keep the organization running smoothly and profitably. 

This module allows you to visualize your data in a variety of ways, including charts, graphs, and tables. This helps you gain insights into trends and patterns in your data.


HRPro Analytics利用HRPro中存儲的寶貴人力資源數據為組織做出更好的員工決策並提高運營績效。 

HRPro Analytics允許人力資源解釋數據,識別趨勢或問題,並採取不同部門的主動步驟,以保持組織順利運行和盈利。

這模組允許您以多種方式可視化您的數據,包括圖表、圖形和表格。 這有助於您深入了解數據中的趨勢和模式。

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