Business Alert

Business Alert

Business Alert 

HRPro Business Alert (BA) helps you manage your business more easily and effectively. You can identify any business-critical issues early, resolve them, and exercise better control over your business. 

BA provides scheduling ability based on monitoring HRPro for critical, time-sensitive information, and sends out alert emails with the most timely data. 

For organizations that wish to realize the benefits of alert messaging across some or all of them, BA is the answer. Integrating with HRPro, BA provides you with a solution that is guaranteed to grow along with your business.

BA supports scheduling and email delivery of user-definable queries. Email recipients can view the Email in HTML format without having to connect to HRPro.

BA can send emails to alert about any conditions in application data. 

This includes (but is not limited to):

Business Alert Features and Benefits

Easy access to all HRPro Data 

Alert Setup in a few steps 

Uses the easy-to-use BA Wizard to define the conditions to filter the business data and the email recipients step-by-step. 

Flexible Scheduling

Flexible Scheduling Schedule requests to run every few hours, daily, weekly, or monthly. Scheduling repetitive tasks means that less administrative overhead is consumed, thereby reducing your overall cost. 

Enhanced Mobility

You can obtain your reports from anywhere, anytime. BA will send your reports to any email address. 


HRPro Business Alert (BA) 幫助您更輕鬆有效地管理您的業務。 您可以及早發現任何關鍵業務問題,加以解決,並更好地控制您的業務。

BA 提供基於監控 HRPro 的調度能力以獲取關鍵的、時間敏感的信息,並發送包含最及時數據的警報電子郵件。

對於希望在部分或全部組織中實現警報消息傳遞優勢的組織,BA 是答案。 通過與 HRPro 集成,BA 為您提供了一個保證與您的業務一起成長的解決方案。

BA 支持用戶定義查詢的調度和電子郵件發送。 電子郵件收件人無需連接到 HRPro 即可查看 HTML 格式的電子郵件。

BA 可以發送電子郵件以提醒應用程序數據中的任何情況。



輕鬆訪問所有 HRPro 數據


使用易於使用的 BA 嚮導定義條件以逐步過濾業務數據和電子郵件收件人。


靈活的調度 調度請求每隔幾個小時、每天、每週或每月運行一次。 安排重複性任務意味著消耗更少的管理開銷,從而降低總體成本。


您可以隨時隨地獲取報告。 BA 會將您的報告發送到任何電子郵件地址。

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