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HRPro is an easy-to-use, integrated, flexible, fully featured Payroll and Human Resources Management System (HRMS) suitable for most companies in Hong Kong with general expectations. HRPro is compliant with local needs and practices so it is the easiest way to replace manual processes. 

HRPro makes payroll, auto-pay, and tax-return processing an automated, predictable, and timely process with flexible and powerful functionalities that allows you to manage your workforce more automated, effectively, smarter,  more convenient, and more accurately. 

From personnel records, employee benefits, payroll processing, bank auto-pay, MPF, taxation, leave and attendance management, and employee self-services to time tracking, expense claims, and performance appraisals, we've got it all covered. 

So why wait? Sign up for HRPro today and start managing your workforce like a pro!

HRPro Special Features

Special Features

HRPro Employee Profile

Employee Profile

HRPro Payroll Management

Payroll Management

HRPro MPF Handling

MPF Handling

HRPro Taxation Management

Taxation Management

HRPro Leave Management

Leave Management

HRPro Expense Claims

Expense Claims

HRPro Attendance Management

Attendance Management

HRPro Appraisal Module

Appraisal Module

HRPro Analytics


HRPro Employee Portal

Employee Portal

HRPro Business Alert

Business Alert

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